Will they eat it? Farnam Just One Bite II Bars is not labeled for squirrels so we cannot recommend it for them.

Does just one bite work?

Just One Bite works against mice, roof rats, and even Norway rats. Most pests get a lethal dose of poison in one feeding. As soon as the rodent consumes the bait, it will die very fast. People often find them near traps and stations.

How long does it take just one bite?

APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Each Just One Bite II bait bar weighs one pound (16 oz) and is scored to be broken into 2 oz pieces.

Active Ingredient Bromadiolone 0.005%
Time to Kill 1-5 days
Parts Included 8 x 1 lb bars in one box = total 8 lbs
Shipping Weight 8.45 lbs

What does aspirin do to squirrels?

Squirrel Poison

The squirrels can’t resist the smell of peanut butter, and once they take the bite, the aspirin starts to poison them. Make sure to check on the locations you placed the bowls within your house after a couple of days and remove any fallen pests that didn’t make it outside.

Does bait block work on squirrels?

The blocks have a hole through their length for use in bait stations where they need to be mounted on a rod to hold them in place. You can do the same thing in the trees where squirrels like to play. This bait also works well in rat bait boxes, which are large enough for squirrels to get in and out of.

How do you use just one bite pellets?


  1. RATS: Place at least 3 to 10 packs at intervals of 15 to 30 feet per placement in infested areas. …
  2. MICE: Use one pack per placement at 8 to 12 foot intervals in infested areas. …
  3. FOLLOW-UP: Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately.

What is the difference between just one bite and just one bite II?

Just One Bite II products are exclusively for agricultural use, while Just One Bite EX and Rodentex products can be sold for in-home use as long as it is accompanied with a bait station and in packages of 1 pound or less.

Is just one bite poisonous to dogs?

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: This product is extremely toxic to mammals and birds. Dogs, cats and other predatory and scavenging mammals and birds might be poisoned if they feed upon animals that have eaten this bait.

Does just one bite work on mice?

Just One Bite II exterminates mice, disease-carrying roof rats, and Norway rats. Both Norway rats and house mice can consume a lethal dose in only one feeding. Most often, rodents such as rats will be found along walls or near burrows.