Ear tagging and ear marking are used to identify livestock. Ear tagging is an essential part of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) and ear marking or notching is a mandatory requirement in some states.

What is an ear tag and where do you put it?

Quote from video: When tagging your cattle with an eID tag the tag should be applied in the middle of the left ear. Between the two cartilage ribs close to the head.

Do ear tags hurt?

The entire process is sort of like a person getting their ears pierced. Just like earrings for people, it doesn’t hurt the calf at all.

What are the cons of ear tags?

Disadvantages: If not placed correctly, the tag will be ripped out by the rodent or fall out on its own. Numbers are very small and difficult to read. Some animals have tissue reactions to the metal resulting in crusting and thickening of the cartilage. Cannot be used in small neonates*.

Can you remove a ear tag?

Quote from video: To remove a smart boat ear tag locate a pair of scissors. And properly restrain the animal with a headlock. Then use the scissors to cut the stem of the smartboat ear tag on the back outside of the

Why are babies born with ear tags?

Causes. The external ear forms early in development when six soft tissue swellings (hillocks) fuse together. When the soft tissue fuses together incorrectly, additional appendages may form in front of the ear. These are called preauricular tags and are comprised of skin, fat or cartilage.

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