Your Cat is Fussy Maybe it’s the scented litter, or the hood and liner contraption isn’t convenient, or the litter is too deep or not deep enough. Use 2-3 inches of litter and try unscented litter to experiment.

How can I stop my cat missing the litter box?

A quiet space that is accessible to your cat and a little secluded (such as a guest bedroom or bathroom) may solve the problem. If you can chalk it up to another cat claiming the box, add extra litter boxes around the house, and make sure there is plenty of space between each of them.

Is it normal for a cat to miss the litter box?

If she’s actively avoiding the litter tray, then she has a problem with the tray itself – and this is a really common issue. Firstly, it’s vital to make sure the litter tray is clean and doesn’t smell – cats are fastidious! – and the litter is regularly changed.

Why does my cat sometimes use the litter box and sometimes not?

Cats stop using their litter boxes for a variety of reasons, including issues with the box or litter, dissatisfaction with the placement or number of boxes, changes in the environment inside or outside the house, and undiagnosed medical conditions.

Why is my older cat missing the litter box?

Why do some elderly cats stop using the litter box? A variety of factors affect litter box behavior. Sometimes, health problems like urinary tract infections, diabetes, cancer, or kidney problems underlie changes in litter box use.

How far away can cats smell their litter box?

You may have even heard that your cat can smell their dirty litter a mile away. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that a cat can smell their litter box from that far away. More realistically, they might be able to smell it up to a few hundred feet away (depending on wind and weather conditions) and often a lot less.

Why does my cat poop right in front of the litter box?

Also, she says, a cat pooping right outside the litter box usually means the cat made an attempt but failed. Not enough litter boxes: Cats are territorial creatures, so they’re not inclined to share their litter box with other cats. A scarcity of litter boxes in multi-cat households could pose a problem.

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