Harrison A. WilliamsHarrison A. Williams (D) introduced the Endangered Species Act in the U.S. Senate on June 12, 1973. The Senate unanimously approved the bill on July 24, 1973. The U.S. House approved its version of the bill on September 18, 1973, by a 390-12 vote.

Who thought of the Endangered Species Act?

Senator Harrison Williams

Spearheaded by Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) and Senator Harrison Williams (D-NJ), President Nixon (R) signed the Endangered Species Act into law on December 28, 1973, after it passed unanimously in the Senate and by a vote of 355-4 in the House of Representatives.

What led to the Endangered Species Act?

28, 1973, the move came with legislative precedent: In 1966, environmental activism pushed congress to pass the Endangered Species Preservation Act, which authorized land acquisition to conserve some species of native fish and wildlife, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.

Who was the first president to protect endangered species?

On December 28, 1973, President Richard Nixon signs the Endangered Species Act into law. The act, which Nixon called for the previous year, is considered one of the most significant and influential environmental laws in American history.

What was the first Endangered Species Act?

Congress passed the Endangered Species Preservation Act in 1966, providing a means for listing native animal species as endangered and giving them limited protection.