Patrick M. Seymour

Counterpart Travis (MyStreet)
First Appearance “Cursed at Sea”
Voice Actor Patrick M. Seymour

How old is Travis from Aphmau?

Travis (MyStreet)

Travis Valkrum
Regular Formal Play Underwear Uniform Casual Athletic Formal </gallery> Levi Ackerman Cosplay Flash back As a baby Jiraiya Cosplay Dress-Up
Gender Male
Birthdate Unconfirmed
Age 28

Who plays Noi in Aphmau?

Noi is one of the main protagonists in My Inner Demons.

Noi (My Inner Demons)
First Appearance “To The Other Side”
Voice Actor Michael A. Zekas

Who is Travis dad Aphmau?


Terrence “Terry” Valkrum is a main character in MyStreet: When Angels Fall and MyStreet: Starlight. He is the father of Travis Valkrum and the former vessel of Michael.

Is kawaii Chan married?

15 years later, we do not really know much about what she has been doing, but what we do know is that eventually, she and Dante got married and had a child, Nekoette~Tan.

Who does Garroth end up with?

In episode 25 of season 1, Water Cats, Garroth “proposes” to Aphmau. He packs supplies for her in a chest, and it contains a wedding ring and a flower crown.

Who is kawaii Chan’s boyfriend?

Kawaii~Chan (MyStreet)

Regular Play Maid Formal Uniform Sleepover Athletic Casual Princess~Cookie Santa Hat Ichigo Momomiya Cosplay Chibiusa Cosplay Cat
Previous Occupation(s) Phoenix Drop High Student Waitress at Maid Café Waitress at IHOP Meif’wa Scout
Partner Zane (Boyfriend)

What is Eins real name Aphmau?

Ein (MyStreet)

First Appearance High School Crush I Will Always Love You
Last Appearance Out of Time
Voice Actor Christopher Escalante Kellen Goff (fill-in) TheDragonHat (cloaked)

Who is Ava in Aphmau?

Ava has a much different personality than Aphmau. Ava is a bit feisty & she is also VERY lazy & doesn’t have many friends. She seems to have a little temper but she also can be nice (according to Noi). Unlike Aphmau, who has lots of energy & has no trouble making friends & has a lot of friends as well.

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