Where does Jhumpa Lahiri live in Italy?

Rome, Italy

In 2011, Lahiri moved to Rome, Italy and has since then published two books of essays, and in 2018, published her first novel in Italian called Dove mi trovo and also compiled, edited and translated the Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories which consists of 40 Italian short stories written by 40 different Italian …

How long did Jhumpa Lahiri live in Italy?

Over time, though, Lahiri made enough progress to speak, think, and compose in her adopted tongue. Besotted by the country and language, she ended up staying in Rome for three years. By the time she returned to the U.S. in 2015, she’d started a novel in Italian.

What is Lahiri up to now?

Lahiri has also recently translated three novels by the Italian writer Domenico Starnone. She now teaches creative writing and translation at Princeton, making frequent trips to Rome. In July, she will join Barnard as a professor of English and director of creative writing.

Is Lahiri a Brahmin?

Lahiri is an Indian surname belonging to Bengali Brahmins. Notable people with this surname include: Anirban Lahiri (born 1987), Indian golfer.

Where are Lahiri’s parents from?


Lahiri was born to Bengali parents from Calcutta (now Kolkata)—her father a university librarian and her mother a schoolteacher—who moved to London and then to the United States, settling in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, when she was young.

Is Jhumpa Lahiri still writing?

Five years later and living back in the United States, Lahiri has resolved those doubts. Knopf next week will release her new novel, “Whereabouts,” which Lahiri published in Italian in 2018 as “Dove Mi Trovo” and translated herself. It is the first book Knopf will publish that was translated by its own author.

How do you pronounce jhumpa?

Quote from video: I think you know.

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