Pond snails (Lymnaeidae) are a family of gastropods quite common in European rivers, lakes and ponds. The large freshwater snails also live in garden ponds and aquaria. There they are often introduced involuntarily with water plants, but also many people like to have them and so put them into their ponds on purpose.

How do you find pond snails?

Pond Snails can be identified by their dark brown peppered shell. Their body can range from a light translucent yellow color to a deep brown. Their body is often dotted with tiny dark spots. Pond Snails will lay batches of eggs around the aquarium.

Can pond snails live on land?

Aquarium snails can not survive outside of the water for long because their body dries out. If a water snail is placed on land, it would survive just a couple of hours. Some snails go out of the water to eat or lay eggs, but quickly return afterwards. As long as a snail is wet it’s able to survive.

What do pond snails need to survive?

They prefer calm, still water with plenty of vegetation, or very slow moving rivers and streams. Their diet primarily consists of vegetation (both living and dead) and algae, but they will also consume insect larvae (like pesky water beetles), small newts and fish, and even other snails.

Where do water snails live?

Habitat. Freshwater snails live in a variety of areas, including on water plants and in mud with an abundance of decaying plants and animals. They also live on algae-covered rocks, stones or concrete. They can go on land and in the water, but they cannot stay on land for too long or they will dry up.

Where do pond snails lay their eggs?

They are hermaphro- ditic. They both reproduce asexually, and Pond snails can also reproduce sexually (the preferred method). They lay jellylike masses of eggs under water on plants and on the sides of the container/aquarium. The eggs hatch in about 10–20 days depending on temperature.

Do snails keep ponds clean?

The wisdom is generally that pond snails eat algae and some organic debris. They’re the little scavenging janitors of your pond.

Do pond snails climb out of the water?

Registered. Some snails climb out. Others only climb out if they’re not happy with the water quality. You should check your water parameters.

Do pond snails need water to survive?

Water. Like most living creatures, both land and water snail species need to drink water to survive. Land snails drink from small puddles formed on leaves or on the ground, but they also get their water from the juicy leaves they eat.