Cabazon Dinosaurs, formerly Claude Bell’s Dinosaurs, is a roadside attraction in Cabazon, California, featuring two enormous, steel-and-concrete dinosaurs named Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr. Rex.

Where can I see dinosaur bones in Southern California?

The La Brea Tar Pits is the #1 fossil attraction in Southern California for a one reason. They have hundreds of prehistoric fossils. Their fossil collection showcases the history of several extinct mammals including saber-tooth tigers, mammoths and giant sloths.

Were there any dinosaurs in California?

During the Late Campanian and Maastrichtian California was home to evolutionarily advanced mosasaurs including Plesiotylosaurus and Plotosaurus. On land, a variety of dinosaurs inhabited the state. Among them were the ankylosaur Aletopelta, and many duck-billed dinosaurs, most notably Augustynolophus,.

Where are the dinosaur bones in LA?

6 Ways to Have the Ultimate Dinosaur Day in Los Angeles

  • Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon, California 50770 Seminole Dr. …
  • Legoland California Resort 1 Legoland Drive. …
  • Wonder of Dinosaurs 1815 Hawthorne Blvd. …
  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 900 Exposition Boulevard. …
  • Alf Museum 1175 W Baseline Rd.

Where can I dig for fossils in California?

Several world class paleontological localities such as the Maricopa and McKittrick brea pits, Shark Tooth Hill, Bena Road petrified forest, Chico Martinez Creek and the Bopesta Formation-Horse Canyon fossil beds attract scientists to BLM-administered lands in the Bakersfield region.

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