Just south of the Salton Sea lies the Imperial Valley, home to about 70% of the state’s breeding Burrowing Owls, or about 4,000 breeding pairs. The population of this small bird has been in sharp decline over the last 50 years.

Are there burrowing owls in California?

The Western burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia hypugaea) is a California Species of Special Concern and is listed as Endangered in Canada and Threatened in Mexico.

Where are burrowing owls in Southern California?

The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is now one of the most reliable places to see the tiny owls. The area is much more than Burrowing Owl habitat; it’s a hotspot for migrating waterfowl along the Pacific Flyway.

Where do you find burrowing owls?

Burrowing owls can be seen year-round in Florida, Mexico, and parts of South America, excluding the Amazon rain forest. Burrowing owls live in burrows dug by other animals in open, treeless spaces. In the U.S. they are most abundant in the burrows of various prairie dog species.

Are burrowing owls protected in California?

The burrowing owl is federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in the U.S. and Mexico, and is listed as endangered, threatened, or as a Species of Concern in nine states, including California, where it is considered a Species of Special Concern by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Where can I see owls in California?

It is relatively common throughout California and North America. You can find this owl in all kinds of habitat – deserts, forests, meadows, wetlands, grasslands, even backyards. It is equally capable of attacking larger birds and mammals, as it is of smaller prey, such as mice or insects (photo by Michael Mees).

Where can I find owls in the Bay Area?

Screech Owls live in forests and open woodland areas, but can often be found in suburban backyards, parks, deserts, coastal areas and even the mountains. Their diet consists of small mammals and insects, but can vary greatly from season to season.

Are there owls in Palm Springs?

The Western Screech Owl, known technically as Megascops kennicottii, is found throughout our valley and into all of the surrounding mountains. This includes residential areas as well as natural landscapes.

What birds are in the Coachella Valley?

Birds such as orioles, black phainopepla, and finches nest in our natural desert oases, but they will happily choose more sheltered digs in residential areas where there is plenty of food and water in the vicinity.

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