Under which of the following circumstances should extinction not be used? When it could cause harm to the individual or others in the environment. The quote “All behavior has a communicative intent” can be best explained by the statement: Behavior always serves a purpose for the person engaging in the behavior.

When should extinction be used?

Extinction refers to a procedure used in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in which reinforcement that is provided for problem behavior (often unintentionally) is discontinued in order to decrease or eliminate occurrences of these types of negative (or problem) behaviors.

What are the four common misuses of extinction terminology?

Four common misuses of the technical term of Extinction:

  • Using extinction to refer to any decrease in behavior.
  • Confusing forgetting and extinction.
  • Confusing response blocking and sensory extinction.
  • Confusing noncontingent reinforcement and extinction.

What are some side effects of extinction?

Findings from basic and applied research suggest that treatment with operant extinction may produce adverse side effects; two of these commonly noted are an increase in the frequency of the target response (extinction burst) and an increase in aggression (extinction-induced aggression).

What is a limitation of using extinction without other procedures?

1. What are the disadvantages of an extinction program? Extinction is a punishment procedure, there may be a temporary rate in increase of the behavior prior to extinction, sometimes it is difficult to identify and control reinforcers. 1.

Why would extinction not be appropriate as a simple intervention?

Extinction may not stop the behavior in every case, so it’s not always the the best choice of behavioral intervention – especially if we’re talking about behaviors that are highly aggressive or self-harming.

What are three side effects of extinction?

After the outburst, the behavior then decreased to the point of extinction.

  • Increased behavior (extinction burst)
  • Spontaneous recovery – the behavior comes back for a brief time for no apparent reason.
  • Some desirable behaviors are sometimes accidentally “ignored” and may cease.

Is extinction a form of punishment?

Extinction is not punishment. Punishment is an event. When you punish, you either add something (positive punishment) or take something away (negative punishment) in order to suppress a behavior. Extinction is a “non event.” You didn’t add or take away – you simply did nothing.

What is the main effect of an extinction procedure?

What is the main effect of an extinction procedure? Behavior decreases or stops entirely.

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