There are two types of budgies common to the pet trade—the American budgie or parakeet and the English budgie. The American variety is the one most commonly found in pet stores, while the type often seen in exhibitions and shows is the larger English budgie.

What is the rarest budgie?

The Anthracite budgerigar mutation is an extremely rare mutation that occurs in the budgerigar. The mutation, similar to the Violet budgerigar mutation, causes a difference in the coloring of budgerigars.

Which budgie is the best?

Male budgies are slightly better talkers, so if you are concerned with that you might want to make sure you get a male bird. However, a young healthy bird of either sex can be a great talker with the right training.

What color budgies are rare?

What is the rarest parakeet color? Anthracite parakeets, a dark charcoal grey color, is one of the rarest colors for a parakeet. Other rare colors can be rainbow, clearwing, and lacewing parakeets. These rare colors are caused by genetic mutations, so a rare color can become more and more common over time.

What type of budgie can talk?

Male budgies can learn to talk quite well; female parakeets generally don’t learn to talk. This is also true of cockatiels. In most other parrot species, the males and females talk equally well. When a budgie and/or parakeet is just learning to talk, it often mimics the intonation of language, mumbling the words.

Do purple budgies exist?

Violet Budgie

The violet coloration is a darkening gene that will enrich a Budgies main body color. You can get blue and green budgies with the violet gene, but it’s most attractive with the blue Budgies. Sometimes, it can develop into very deep shades of violet coloration, known as visual violet.

Do pink budgies exist?

In the wild, Budgie Parakeets are green with yellow, with black stripes and markings, and dark blue-green-black flight and tail feathers. Captive breeding programs, however, have produced Budgies in almost every color of the rainbow, except red and pink.

Are blue budgies real?

Researchers have found the genetic link that makes pet store parakeets produce their characteristic yellow, blue, and green feathers. Wild budgies are yellow and green, but they have been selectively bred for over a century, with blue budgies highly prized.

What is a rainbow budgie?

Rainbow is a combination mutation of a blue based budgie, opaline, clearwing (or fullbody greywing) and one of the yellowface mutations. Body Color: Sky, cobalt or mauve blue with full body color (10% or less dilution) depending on the specific dark factors.

How do I make my budgie pink?

As already stated, Budgies lack the color red in their genes so there will probably never be a red or pink Budgie. The Bourke Parakeet, a completely different species, has genes for pink coloration. In its normal form, it is brownish, with a little pink and blue coloration.

Is a white budgie rare?

Albinism in parakeets is a very rare occurrence and is typically found in less than one percent of the population and is, unfortunately (as cool and unique as an all-white parakeet would look) not as common as other colors.

Are cinnamon budgies rare?

Quote from video: The cinnamon gene is also sex linked mutation. Comes on the eggs. And it is recessive which means it is like the inner and applying genes.

Can parakeets be pink?

Known as the pink parakeet, these birds have more subtle colorings than other species. The rosy Bourke’s parakeet is a popular color variation because of their beautiful bright pink feathers.

Can you get a red budgie?

One thing you never find in budgies is red pigmentation. Any pink tinge will be due to a colorant in the bird’s food rather than a tendency in its genes.

What is the most common budgie color?

The wild ancestral budgerigar sports a full coat of green-yellow plumage. This combination is very common in pet parakeets, as is the blue/white combination. The latter can come in many shades varying from grey to cobalt.

What color will my baby budgie be?

The yellow base is dominant, meaning breeding a yellow-based budgie and a white-based budgie will result in yellow-based offspring. There are also dark counts to consider — a budgie with no dark counts will be bright colored, one dark count will give a slightly darker color and two a darker color still.

How do you tell if a budgie is a boy or girl?

If you look at a budgie you will not find any difference between a male and female. But once you look closer at their beaks, there is a colored swollen patch (which is called a cere). Determining the color of the cere is the key on unravelling the budgie’s gender. Male budgies will always have a dark blue cere.

Is my baby budgie a boy or girl?

Distinguishing between adult male and female budgies is straightforward: Males have a blue cere — the area above the beak that contains the nostrils — while females have a tan or brown cere.