The skeleton of a tortoise is made up of two parts; the exoskeleton (carapace and plastronplastronThe carapace is the dorsal (back), convex part of the shell structure of a turtle, consisting of the animal’s ossified ribs fused with the dermal bone. The spine and expanded ribs are fused through ossification to dermal plates beneath the skin to form a hard shell.

Which type of skeleton has a tortoise?

The tortoise has both an endoskeleton and an exoskeleton.

Is a tortoise vertebrate or invertebrate?

reptilian vertebrate

The tortoise, any member of the family Testudinidae, is a reptilian vertebrate that lives exclusively on land. Also known as land turtles, tortoises are found on all continents except for Antarctica and Australia.

Is a turtle shell an exoskeleton?

No, turtle shells are not exoskeletons. First, they do not cover the entire body of the turtle.

Is a turtle endoskeleton?

These results indicate that the major part of the turtle carapace evolved solely by modification of the endoskeleton (that is, second hypothesis). Furthermore, in the fossil record, we recognized that precursors of carapace in some non-turtle diapsid reptiles developed also as an endoskeleton.

Is tortoise an exoskeleton or endoskeleton?

The skeleton of a tortoise is made up of two parts; the exoskeleton (carapace and plastron) and the endoskeleton (internal bones). The endoskeleton consists of two main groups; the appendicular skeleton (limb bones and girdles) and the axial skeleton (ribs, vertebrae and skull).

Is a tortoise a shell or frame structure?

Frame structures: burglar bars, palisade fences, cell phone towers, Eskom towers, sieve, jungle gym, etc. Shell structures: tortoise shell, hut, trailer, canopy on a bakkie, eggshell, snail shell, lids, pipes, etc.)

Does a tortoise have a backbone?

Turtles and tortoises are the only animals with a backbone that have their shoulder blades inside their rib cage.

Why tortoise is a vertebrate?

Vertebrates: Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone. Humans, camels, zebra, and sharks are all examples of animals that are vertebrates. Animals without a backbone are called invertebrates.