The following list includes native European tree wood that’s definitely okay for budgie perches:

  • Apple.
  • Ash.
  • Birch.
  • Beech.
  • Crab apple.
  • Elm.
  • Hawthorn.
  • Larch.

What wood is safe for budgie?

Safe hardwoods include apple, almond, beech, bottle brush, butterfly tree, crabapple, dogwood, elm, eucalyptus, fir, gingko, lilac, magnolia, mimosa and spruce. Maple wood is safe if you remove the bark; some maple bark contains a fungus that’s bad for your budgie to breathe.

Are branches safe for birds?

Every part of the plant, including their leaves, buds and branches, is safe. Many parrots also love eating the Hibiscus blossoms, which are very nutritious and are part of many parrots’ natural diet.

How do you make tree branches safe for birds?

By placing your washed and/or baked branches in the sun you are providing a second cleaning for the branch. Bleach doesn’t kill mold, but the sun does. The UV rays in the sun will also eliminate any bleach residue left on the branch. Let the branch sit outside in direct sunlight for several days.

What tree branches are safe for budgies Australia?

Here is a list of all toxic and safe wood or branches you can use as perches for your parakeets.

Safe and Toxic Wood Branches and Trees.

Wood / Tree Safe / Toxic
ANDROMEDA -Pieris, Lily of the Valley shrub Toxic

How do you sterilize bird branches?

Quote from video: For bleaching what you do basically fill about to dump in like a quarter bleach. And just shove your branches in there and you're going to let them soak overnight.

What wood is toxic to birds?

Poisonous Wood

Avoid wood coming from azalea, rhododendron, apricot, avocado, boxwood, cacao, cedar, elderberry, flame tree, hemlock, holly, horse chestnut, hydrangea, juniper, mango, mock orange, mountain laurel, oak, oleander, peach, plum, redwood, walnut, weeping fig, wisteria and yew.

What branches are safe for birds?

Bird-safe Wood

  • Balsa.
  • Poplar.
  • Ash.
  • Elm.
  • Maple.
  • Birch.
  • Dragonwood.
  • Manzanita.

Are pine trees safe for budgies?

Pine is probably reasonably safe for your bird, but keep an eye on it if it has been sitting in the tree, and if you find any sign of sap on its feathers or you notice it preening a lot, the chances are that it will need some help getting itself sorted out.

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