Asian Lady BeetlesAsian Lady Beetles look almost identical to native ladybugs when it comes to color, but there’s one distinctive marking that will make it easy to spot the difference between the two.

What kind of bug looks like a ladybug without spots?

Asian beetles

Ladybugs, or as the British call them ladybeetles, are one of the 450,000 types of beetles that share our Earth. We are used to ladybugs with spots, but increasingly we are seeing orange/red bodies with no spots. These are Asian beetles, which can be tan to orange, and can have very discreet spots.

How do I get rid of bugs that look like ladybugs?

Some other effective and safe methods to deal with lady beetles are:

  1. Use a HEPA filter vacuum. …
  2. Use a broom, sweep the insects into a dustpan or other container, and put them outdoors.
  3. Use insect light traps in locations that stay relatively dark and attractive to ladybug beetles such as attics.