Cayuga duck

Other names Cayuga Black Duck
Country of origin United States
Use eggs meat ornament fishing flies
Weight Male: 3.0–3.6 kg (6.5–8 lb) Female: 2.7–3.1 kg (6–7 lb)

What type of duck is black?

The American black duck (Anas rubripes) is a large dabbling duck in the family Anatidae.

American black duck
Genus: Anas
Species: A. rubripes
Binomial name
Anas rubripes (Brewster, 1902)

How do I know what kind of duckling I have?

As ducklings develop, it will become easier for you to identify exactly what species they are.

  1. Observe the color of the ducklings. …
  2. Look at the parent or other adult birds who are accompanying the ducklings. …
  3. Take your ducklings to an avian veterinarian and have the veterinarian determine the species of the duckling.