Stevie, who was four at the time of filming, plays Auggie’s wife and is the only pure-bred Labrador Retriever in the cast. Stevie embodies the real American dream.

What kind of dog is on the Subaru commercial?

Golden Retrievers

If you’ve ever seen a Subaru commercial you’ve likely seen the Barkleys, or the Subaru dogs in Covington LA – those adorable canine companions advertising Subaru vehicles while putting a smile on your face. The Barkleys are a family of three Golden Retrievers and one Yellow Labrador Retriever.

What kind of dog is Mr Toyota?

English Bull Terrier

We often get questions on what type of dog he is, or where does he live. Mr. Toyota is an English Bull Terrier who lives locally.

What kind of dog is in the GMC truck commercial?

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

General Motors is no exception, releasing a new ad promoting the 2020 GMC Sierra entitled “Puppy.” In it, a couple is pictured walking through a snowy forest of pine trees when the man reveals he has a surprise for the woman and whistles, calling over a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.