Big Daddy is a willful and domineering patriarch who is unaware that he is dying of cancer. His hatred of mendacity leads him to a confrontation with his son in which Brick is forced to reveal some painful secrets; in retaliation, Brick reveals his father’s illness to him.

Is Big Daddy dying in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Before we offer an analysis of the play, however, it might be worth recapping the plot of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Big Daddy, a wealthy plantation owner who lives somewhere on the Mississippi delta, is dying, and everyone except his wife, Big Mama, acknowledges it.

What is physically wrong with brick Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Brick’s brokenness is materialized in his injury, a broken ankle incurred while jumping hurdles on the high school athletic field. In a sense, it is an injury incurred out of nostalgia for the early days of his friendship with Skipper, the time of what Maggie describes as their Greek legend.

What did Big Daddy do in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

After years with a woman he cannot stand, he is bent on acting on his desire in all its violence. Not only will he buy a beautiful woman, but he will smother her in minks, choke her with diamonds. Daddy is murderous in his fetishism.

Why has everyone come to Big Daddy’s House in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Because of Brick’s ankle injury, everybody comes to Brick and Maggie’s room to celebrate Big Daddy’s birthday party.

Did Maggie and skipper sleep together?

Finally, Maggie spills the beans. She tells Brick she has to finish what she started telling him, and tells him that she slept with Skipper.

Is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof LGBT?

Brick is the hero of the drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof because the play is about him, even though the title doesn’t indicate him. He is a homosexual representing the homosexuals of the nineteen fifties, so he also represents the social victims that the homosexuals of the time were.

Does skipper like brick?

We just know that his love of Skipper is so big and important that we can’t even make jokes about it. Brick is cool as a cucumber for most of the play until Big Daddy makes him talk about Skipper, at which points he erupts like Mount Vesuvius.

Is Maggie pregnant in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Maggie helps deliver the news to Big Mama that Big Daddy is dying. Maggie condemns the avarice and greed she sees around her. Maggie informs everyone she is pregnant.