WindClan is a group of cats that live primarily on the open moors. Their founding leader, Windstar, got her name from being able to run as fast as the wind, so by extension, the name was thought to be given to the Clan.

What is WindClan personality?

Mental Attributes: WindClan cats are known as neutral, smart, wary, and loyal cats. Some clans often joke about the over-worked WindClan cats, being if their leader is strict or not. They’re quite quiet, not one to talk up in gatherings or tell their secrets, for they may change sides anytime.

What does WindClan look like?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop. WindClan coats tend to be very pale shades of brown; a rich black, red, or all white color is a rare sight (though it does happen, usually to the pelt owner’s dismay).

Why did Tallstar leave WindClan?

All the representatives leave except for those from ThunderClan and WindClan. Tallstar desperately tells him that they must leave together, since his Clan is starving.

What is the WindClan meeting call?

ShadowClan’s call is “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Clanrock (Pinebranch) for a meeting!” SkyClan’s call is “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Rockpile (Highroot, Tallrock, Tallstump) for a Clan meeting!” WindClan’s call is “Let all cats old

Which warriors Clan is the strongest?

Strongest Clan?

  • ThunderClan (they are powerful and brave)
  • ShadowClan (they are cunning and vicious)
  • SkyClan (that high jumping ability must be useful somehow)
  • RiverClan (they are sometimes a little too well fed which would make them slower)
  • WindClan (they got wrecked way too many times)

What is the Kittypet Clan?

A kittypet is the Clan cats’ word for domestic felines that live with Twolegs, who keep and care for them.

Who is Deadfoots mate?

Deadfoot’s parents are Meadowslip and Hickorynose. His mate is Ashfoot, and his kits are Crowfeather, Eaglekit, Downkit and Hillkit.

Who was the first leader of ThunderClan?


Much respected for being the founder and the first leader of ThunderClan, Thunderstar is still remembered as a compassionate and courageous leader.