What is Virginia state bird called?

the cardinal

The official state seal of Virginia is represented on the Virginia flag. The Virginia state bird is the cardinal.

Why is the cardinal the Virginia state bird?

The Northern Cardinal was adopted as the official Virginia State Bird on January 25, 1950. The cardinal was made the official West Virginia State Bird by House Concurrent Resolution No. 12, adopted by the Legislature on March 7, 1949, authorizing a vote by pupils of public schools and civic organizations.

What’s Virginia’s state animal?

The Official Animal of Virginia

The state dog — the American foxhound — can reasonably be substituted as the state animal. The state bird is the cardinal, while the state bat is the native Virginia Big-Eared bat. The Eastern Garter snake is the state snake, while the state insect is the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

Is the cardinal The state bird for Virginia?

With its distinct red feathers, or plumage, its deep orange beak, and a crest that resembles a well-groomed mohawk, the presence of the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) in Northern Virginia is unmistakable. The Northern Cardinal is Virginia’s state bird.

What is Virginia’s state color?

Legislature Adopts Blue and Gold as the Official State Colors.

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