Cambrian explosion, the unparalleled emergence of organisms between 541 million and approximately 530 million years ago at the beginning of the Cambrian Period. The event was characterized by the appearance of many of the major phyla (between 20 and 35) that make up modern animal life.

What does Cambrian explosion mean in biology?

The Cambrian Period marks an important point in the history of life on Earth; it is the time when most of the major groups of animals first appear in the fossil record. This event is sometimes called the “Cambrian Explosion,” because of the relatively short time over which this diversity of forms appears.

What was the Cambrian explosion quizlet biology?

What was the Cambrian Explosion? It was the sudden appearance (over a 10my period) of many different organisms, which occurred approx 540-548 mya.

What is the Cambrian explosion event?

What was the Cambrian explosion? The Cambrian explosion happened more than 500 million years ago. It was when most of the major animal groups started to appear in the fossil record, a time of rapid expansion of different forms of life on Earth.

What is the Cambrian explosion also known as?

The Cambrian explosion, Cambrian radiation, Cambrian diversification, or The Biological Big Bang refers to an interval of time approximately 538.8 million years ago in the Cambrian Period when practically all major animal phyla started appearing in the fossil record.

What does the Cambrian explosion represent quizlet?

1)The Cambrian Explosion refers to the sudden appearance in the fossil record of complex animals with mineralized skeletal remains. It may represent the most important evolutionary event in the history of life on Earth.

Was the Cambrian explosion a mass extinction?

The end of the Cambrian Period is marked by evidence in the fossil record of a mass extinction event about 485.4 million years ago.

What caused the Cambrian explosion?

Oxygen fluctuations stalled life on Earth

Given the importance of oxygen for animals, researchers suspected that a sudden increase in the gas to near-modern levels in the ocean could have spurred the Cambrian explosion.

What is the Cambrian explosion when did it occur and why is it significant quizlet?

The Cambrian explosion occured 541 mya and was a period of rapid diversification of animal forms. Most modern animal phyla are observed (around 30). Sudden appearance of complex animals with skeletons, most significant evolutionary event in Earth’s history.

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