Soft or missing eggshells (sometimes called shell-less eggs) are quite common in older birds, especially high production hybrids / good layers, especially as they come into or out of lay for the season. A ‘soft-shelled egg’ has a membrane but no shell.

What is a fart egg?

A fart egg is a small egg laid by a hen. They are smaller than regular eggs and typically do not have a yolk. They often arise in the early stages of a hens reproductive cycle. However, it has also been known for them to be produced towards the end of their reproductive life. It is totally safe to eat a fart egg.

What are shelled eggs called?

The term eggshell is a term for the outer covering of a hard-shelled egg, and some forms of eggs with soft outer coats.

What is a lash egg?

Lash eggs result from an infection (bacterial or viral) that causes inflammation of a hen’s oviduct. The infection is referred to as salpingitis. The hen’s immune system reacts by trying to wall off the infection with waxy cheese-like pus.

What animal lays eggs without shells?

Frog eggs

Eggs without shells[edit | edit source]
Frog eggs don’t have shells: they have a gluey and gelatinous appearance. Many other animals lay eggs, such as fish, amphibians, and insects, but these eggs are very different from those that have been described, and they have no shell.

What does it mean when a chicken lays an egg without shell?

calcium deficiency

Lacking calcium.
Why do chickens lay eggs without shells? It’s mainly caused by a calcium deficiency. Calcium makes up a large portion of the eggshell, so your hens need a lot of calcium to lay eggs. Without enough calcium, their bodies will either produce very thin shells or be unable to produce a shell at all.

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