In biology, aboral surfaces are surfaces away from or opposite the mouth. The term is a compound of the Latin preposition ā, a, abs, meaning from or away from and the noun ōs, ōris n., meaning mouth. It is also the opposite of oral which is the end containing the mouth of a radially symmetrical animal.

What is the meaning of Aboral surface?

The aboral area, or sector, for sea stars, sea urchins, etc., is the area opposite their mouth (actinostome, peristome). Quite generally, the opposite of the mouth is opposite or outside the oral or oral cavity area.

What is oral and Aboral surface?

Ventral or lower end of organism where mouth is located is known as oral surface and Dorsal or upper end of organism where anus is located known as aboral surface.

What is a Aboral in anatomy?

aboral – opposite to or away from the mouth; “the aboral surface of a starfish” anatomy, general anatomy – the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals.

What is Aboral side?

1Zoology. Relating to or denoting the side or end that is furthest from the mouth, especially in animals that lack clear upper and lower sides such as echinoderms. ‘the aboral surface’

What does Aboral mean in zoology?

away from or opposite the mouth

aboral. / (æbˈɔːrəl) / adjective. zoology away from or opposite the mouth.

What is Aboral direction?

ab·o·rad. , aboral (ab-ō’rad, -răl), In a direction away from the mouth; opposite of orad.

What is the opposite of Aboral?

Opposite of away from the oral opening or mouth (compare with ventral) orad.

How would you distinguish the oral and Aboral sides of a sea star?

Explanation: Sea stars have two surfaces: the oral and the aboral. The oral is the side with the sea star’s mouth and most people would think of it as the “bottom.” The aboral is the opposite side, and this is where the madreporite lies. The madreporite is the opening to the water vascular system.