This letter is to inform you that we are concerned your dog may have a propensity to attack and to bite or otherwise injure your letter carrier.

Why did I get a carrier alert?

The Carrier Alert Program recognizes that carriers can help monitor the well-being of elderly and disabled customers. A local sponsoring agency notifies the Post Office of persons who want to participate in the service and a decal is placed in their mailbox.

What is a dog animal warning card?

The green card is the official “BAD DOG WARNING.” It has a place for the dog’s address, name “if known,” a physical description, and a place for jotting down some of the animal’s habits, such as whether the dog is chained, stays outside, and so forth.

Why does USPS ask if you have a dog?

It’s from the United States Postal Service to try and cut down on the rising number of mail carriers being bitten by dogs, which an issue the USPS says is the biggest safety threat on the job.

What happens if my dog bites a postman UK?

The Royal Mail says letterboxes should be a no-go zone for pets after a high court ruled that owners could face five-years imprisonment if their dog bites a postal worker.

Can a mailman refuse to deliver mail because of a dog?

If the carrier deems a residence unsafe because of an unrestrained dog, mail delivery service can be interrupted. When service is interrupted at an address or in a neighborhood, all parties involved will have to pick up mail at their local Post Office.

What happens if a dog bites a mailman?

Damages You’re Responsible For if Your Dog Bites the Postal Carrier. If the mail carrier files a lawsuit, the dog owner is responsible for the victim’s medical care resulting from the dog attack. These costs can vary significantly depending on the severity and duration of the injuries.