In 1843, Edgar Allan Poe, desperate for money and terrified that his wife was about to die, “became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Fueled by alcohol and despair, he fell into “fits of absolute unconsciousness”—and yet managed to write some of his greatest masterpieces, including “The Black Cat,” which …

What was The Black Cat based on?

The Black Cat was clearly inspired by the 1843 Gothic-horror story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe.

Why did Edgar Allan Poe write with a cat on his shoulder?

When writing a poem, Poe is believed to have sat his Siamese cat on to his shoulder in order to draw inspiration and help him to relax and focus on the work. This goes completely against the image of the man who gouges out the eyes of a feline in Poe’s 1843 work “The Black Cat”, because he did in fact love the animals.

How did Edgar Allan Poe get inspired to write?

Poe’s work was likely inspired by his own tragic childhood; both of his parents died while he was very young, and his foster mother passed away when he was 20.

What does The Black Cat represent Edgar Allan Poe?

A black cat naturally symbolizes evil and for Poe to say that when he see’s a black cat, he feels anger, this gives the reader an ideal that the black cat in Poe’s short story, also symbolizes evil. Poe uses symbolism to impact the overall tone of the story by using symbolism and imagery throughout his story.

Is The Black Cat based on a true story?

The plot essentially retells the short story in a semi-autobiographical manner, with Poe himself undergoing a series of events involving a black cat which he used to inspire the story of the same name.

Did Edgar Allan Poe own a black cat?

The tormented American poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), had a beloved pet cat named Catterina. Edgar Allan Poe’s black cat often perched on his shoulders while he wrote as if overseeing his work and would remain there, observed a visitor, “….

Did Edgar Allan Poe love animals?

After he got married, he and his wife kept many small animals, especially a black cat named Pluto. However, as a result of excessive drinking, he changed his temperament, often beat his wife, and abused the animals, except the black cat, which he still loved.

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