What does Spanish word coyote mean?

The word coyote is Mexican Spanish, from an Aztec root, cóyotl, or “trickster.” The scientific name of the coyote is Canis latrans, “barking dog” in Latin. Another informal meaning of coyote, used mainly in the US southwest and Mexico, is a smuggler of illegal immigrants.

How do you say coyote in different languages?


  1. → English: coyote.
  2. → French: coyote.
  3. → German: Kojote.
  4. → Italian: coyote.
  5. → Japanese: コヨーテ (koyōte)
  6. → Korean: 코요테 (koyote)
  7. → Russian: койо́т (kojót)
  8. → Tagalog: koyote.

What is a coyote in drug terms?

coyotes. See word origin. Frequency: (slang) A person who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States, especially across the Mexican border.

What is callate Spanish?

English Translation. shut up. More meanings for ¡Cállate! shut up!

What does coyote mean in Mexico?

Colloquially, a coyote is a person who smuggles immigrants across the Mexico–United States border. The word “coyote” is a loanword from Mexican Spanish that usually refers to a species of North American wild dog (Canis latrans).

What does coyote mean in Native American?

The Native American coyote symbol is of a stealthy, intelligent, and crafty animal. Based on the tribe’s culture, this creature has various meanings. The coyote Indian can represent from a hero of humanity to an arrogant, reckless character. Coyote medicine is prevalent through the Pueblo tribes.

What is the Coyotes scientific name?

ABBREVIATION : CALA COMMON NAMES : coyote brush wolf prairie wolf American jackal TAXONOMY : The currently accepted scientific name for the coyote is Canis latrans Say. It is in the family Canidae.

How do you say coyote plural?

The plural form of coyote is coyotes. Find more words!