Kennel attendants care for pets while their owners are working or traveling. Basic attendant duties include cleaning cages and dog runs, and feeding, exercising, and playing with animals. Experienced attendants also may provide basic healthcare, bathe animals, and attend to other basic grooming needs.

What does a kennel person do?

1a : a shelter for a dog or cat. b : an establishment for the breeding or boarding of dogs or cats. 2 : a pack of dogs. kennel.

What skills do you need to be a kennel assistant?

To become a Kennel Assistant, you’ll need:

  • to care about the health of dogs.
  • observational skills to notice when a dog is unwell or unhappy.
  • patience, and the ability to handle dogs gently.
  • the ability to calm and control nervous and mistreated dogs.
  • physical fitness to exercise dogs and do practical work such as cleaning.

Who works in a kennel?

A kennel attendant provides care for dogs, cats, and other animals in veterinary clinics, adoption shelters, and pet boarding facilities. As a kennel attendant, your duties include feeding animals, cleaning and sanitizing cages, and walking and playing with pets.

How much do kennel workers make UK?

The average salary for a kennel assistant is £9.17 per hour in United Kingdom.

How do you talk to a kennel?

Quote from video: Cano la luz cano cano cano la luz.

What is kennel management?


A high standard of kennel management is essential to maintain the dogs at an optimum level of health so that they are able to perform their duties efficiently.

Is being a kennel assistant hard?

The work itself can be physically demanding as a kennel assistant, but taking care of someone’s animals and serving them in that way could also feel quite rewarding. Depending on who I was working a shift with, it could be more enjoyable than not.

Do you need qualifications to work in a kennels?

There are no set qualifications for applying directly to become a kennel worker.

Why do you want to be a kennel assistant?

With this, an interviewer may ask you this question to better understand your motives for pursuing such a role. In your answer, describe your love for animals and the excitement you have about working with them. Example answer: “I’ve loved animals my whole life and have always surrounded myself with pets.

What is working in a kennel like?

They are involved with scheduling boarding appointments, cleaning cages and runs, bathing, grooming, exercising, feeding, administering medication, and monitoring the behavior of boarded dogs. They also interact with clients as they pick up and drop off their dogs.

Is being a kennel tech hard?

Operation Kindness Kennel Tech

It could be very stressful with the amount of dogs to feed, clean, and take out before the kennel opened. Everyone was separated into groups and would rarely talk to each other unless it involved sharing work information.

What qualifications do I need to work in a dog shelter?

Courses and Qualifications

Courses such as the Animal First Aid Certificate will provide practical experience in dealing with minor injuries and general first aid. The Animal Shelter Management Diploma teaches crucial skills and considerations that are required when working in an animal shelter.

What is the House of dogs called?

A kennel is a small building made especially for a dog to sleep in.

What is it called where dogs live?

A doghouse, also known as a kennel, is an outbuilding to provide shelter for a dog from various weather conditions.

How do you know if dog has kennel cough?

The most obvious symptom of kennel cough is a forceful, hacking cough, which will often sound like your dog has something stuck in their throat. The cough can be dry and hoarse or productive, in which case it can be followed by a gag, swallowing motion or the production of mucus.

Whats the difference between a kennel assistant and a kennel attendant?

The primary difference between the two is that a kennel assistant has more responsibility, especially regarding the animal’s medical provisions. Kennel attendants are not allowed to administer medicine or help vets with procedures.

Whats it like being a kennel tech?

As a kennel tech, you’ll handle basic kennel maintenance and animal care. In addition to keeping kennels clean and safe, you may also feed, exercise and bathe the animals. Other duties include preparing animals to be transported to other locations, grooming animals and conducting obedience training.

Do kennel techs wear scrubs?

Full Member. wear what the clinc staff wears; some places that is scrubs, other places that is khaki/polo shirt. If you don’t have scrubs, wear khaki/polo but be very prepared, and comfortble with the possibility of getting dirty. especially as a kennel assistant position.