Coatis eat fruit, invertebrates, small rodents and lizards. They forage for food on the ground and occasionally in trees.

What do you feed a coati?

Coatis are omnivores, eating both meat and plants. In the wild, they eat fruits, berries, insects, birds, eggs, lizards, and even snakes and small mammals like mice and squirrels. They use their long, probe-like nose for searching through leaves, crevices, and holes to find their favorite foods.

What fruit does a coati eat?

Grapes, cherries and avocado have seemed to be favorites at one point, but some days — they don’t eat that stuff either! Our dedicated keepers are sure to provide them a variety of fruit and meat each day. They also include other protein in their diet, including superworms, crickets and dog food!

Can I pet a coati?

Otherwise, check out other exotic animals that can be your new pet. Can coatis be domesticated? Not really. You may be able to walk them on a leash, and spend time petting them and playing, but they remain wild animals.

Are coatis smart?

Coatis are intelligent and highly adaptable animals. They climb and forage both in trees and on the ground.

How much does a coati cost?

Coati babies are here! Contact us (FB preferred) to reserve your Spring 2022 coati babies – $300 deposit required. They will be on the bottle ready to go in June! Prices: $1500 males / $1750 females.

Can coati eat chocolate?

When it is time for feeding, a Coatimundi will eat dog food or cat food (the meatier the better), fruits, raisins, and cooked chicken. It will, sometimes, also eat things like marshmallows, fruit loops, and fig newtons. However, you should never give itavocados, chocolates, or caffeine.

Are Coatimundis edible?

The locals pursue Coatis also for their fur, and the quite edible meat. And if we’re talking about a hunting expedition to the Yucatan, it is one of the rare opportunities in the modern world to walk in the shoes of the brave explorers of old, and bring back a few trophies as material reminders of the adventure.

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