Small lizards eat grasshoppers, crickets, meal worms, earthworms, ants, flies, and just about any other bug you give to them; as long as it’s small enough. Avoid feeding your lizard anything bigger than its head, and, be sure not to leave any uneaten bugs overnight.

What can you feed baby lizards?

Baby lizards can handle live prey, it will provide mental stimulation and great nutritional value. Pet stores will typically carry a variety of foods such as live crickets, flies, roaches, worms, and rodents. You do have the option to purchase dried mealworms and crickets.

What is the lizards favorite food?


Insects. Many different species of lizard feed on insects in the wild. The type of insects varies by location. Crickets, flies, worms, grasshoppers, ants, spiders and cockroaches are very common foods for lizards, including geckos, because they are so abundant in the wild.

Do small lizards eat fruit?

Can Lizards Eat Fruits and Vegetables? Lizards are omnivores, which means their diet consists of both animal and plant matter, including fruits and vegetables.

Do baby lizards eat lettuce?

Collard greens and turnip greens as the mainstay of the lizards’ diet are good choices. You can also offer dark green lettuces, such as romaine, Boston, red leaf lettuce, etc. (avoid iceberg lettuce as it has no nutritional value).

Can baby lizards eat bread?

Bread is not nutritious and should not be offered. Worms: Yes. Some house lizards will eat earthworms. However, because of their slimy exterior, worms are not usually eaten unless they have no other option.

Do lizards drink water?

They draw fluid up against the pull of gravity. They absorb water and keep water in and out. When the lizards are wet, they would raise their bodies and lower their heads. Lizards use gravity to channel the water down towards their mouths.

Do baby lizards eat grass?

The diet of baby lizards depends if they are herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous. Carnivorous baby lizards consume insects such as ants, crickets, flies, grasshoppers, spiders, worms, small rodents while herbivorous baby lizards eat vegetables and fruits.

What can I feed a house lizard?

The common house lizard is naturally insectivorous, insects are one of their favourite things to eat. They often eat spiders, snails, caterpillars, and all kinds of insect that they find crawling about.