Cover any furniture, objects or other surfaces to protect them from the harsh chemicals found in bug bombs. Use sheets, towels, tarps or other coverings that you may have on hand. Place all food and perishable items in a safe, concealed location.

What should I cover when fogging my house?

If your bedroom and kitchen area are part of the areas that need to be fogged, make sure to cover your clothes, bed, food, and kitchen utensils. You can use plastic, cloth, or newspaper to cover or seal these things or remove them completely if possible.

Do you have to cover clothes when using a fogger?

Make sure that before using a fogger, all clothes are covered and never apply the bug bomb inside closets, drawers, or cabinets where you hide your things because it will be easier for your clothes to be contaminated.

Should you cover electronics when bug bombing?

Even though you are not treating your belongings for pests, but if you leave it exposed when foggers are used, chemicals will surely hold onto your things like toys, beddings, clothes, utensils, furniture, and more. If you want to fog your place, make sure to keep everything covered to protect it from pesticides.

Do bug Bombs Damage books?

From experience, it WILL make your book smell temporarily. It did not appear to do much damage to any of the books that were on our shelves (I was a teenager then), but my mother’s collection of Louis L’amour books became stuck together afterward.

Do you wash sheets after bug bomb?

If beddings are exposed to a flea bomb and if you don’t wash it afterward, it can cause health risks to your families like respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma. You should wash bedding after because fleas can thrive anywhere.

What should you remove when bug bombing?

Remove toys and other items belonging to children and pets from the area you want to treat. Also, remove food, dishes, and plants before using a fogger. Use door tags or signs to warn others who might have reason to enter the area where a fogger is in use.

What to do with clothes when fogging?

Clothing should be removed from your home, or covered and sealed before you set off the fogger. Do not place the fogger in the closet or near your clothing. If some of the residue does come in contact with your clothes, or they retain any odor from the insecticide, launder them thoroughly before wearing.

How do you use a fogger in the bedroom?


  1. Place a chair, table or stand in the center of the room to be fogged. Cover with several layers of newspaper or paper towels.
  2. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Tilt sprayer AWAY from face (fogger can sprays up). …
  3. Close door(s) and hang “Fogger in Use” tag on doorknob.

Can you bug bomb a closet?

Don’t use the product in small, enclosed spaces—Using a bug bomb in small, enclosed spaces like closets and cabinets can cause the product to explode.

Can foggers hurt electronics?

A forensic engineering firm is warning that using foggers to disperse disinfectants — a common practice as businesses reopen after COVID-19 closures — may cause permanent damage to electronic equipment.

Do Roach foggers harm electronics?

These chemicals can damage electronic devices and are flammable, potentially causing a fire. That’s why you shouldn’t use bug bombs with your electronic devices.

How long after fogging can you enter a room?

Safe use of these products requires that everyone, including pets, leave the treated space and close the doors after foggers have been released. Stay out until the time indicated on the label has passed, usually two to four hours. Prematurely entering the treated premises may lead to illness.

Should I cover my bed when fogging?

It can cause serious illness and even death if foggers bug bombs are not used properly. Lingering chemicals can have negative effects on you. Before fogging, cover all clothes and sheets; they must not be exposed to the chemicals.

Can you bomb just one room for bed bugs?

Well, staying inside the house can be fine since you are only bug bombing one room. However, even though a single room is being treated, there is a chance that the chemicals can spread all over the house which is not good.

How many square feet does a fogger cover?

The standard rule on this is 1 fogger every room, or at the minimum, 1 fogger every 500 square feet. For 1206 square feet, I would recommend 2 foggers. Place them closest to the kitchen, bath or wherever the roaches are found.

Why do I see more roaches after bombing?

Bug bombs have another problem: their pesticides settle onto horizontal surfaces, whereas roaches typically crawl underneath appliances or vertically on walls. The bombs also raise safety concerns. They spread propellants, which have started fires when stove pilot lights were left on in a treated home.