As I’m sure you’re aware, wild turkey legs are typically a pale pinkish color, although there is some variability. Adult males tend to be the most pink, while younger males and hens can be more of a pale, pinkish brown or gray. Some are quite dark, while others can be pale and appear almost yellowish.

Are turkey legs white or dark meat?

dark meat

Turkeys use their legs continuously, which is why thighs and drumsticks are dark meat. Flightless domestic turkeys don’t use their chest muscles much. Their well-rested breasts become our white meat.

What are turkey feet called?


The hock is the equivalent of a human ankle, and the shank is the turkey’s foot.

What colour is turkey leg meat when cooked?


Meat and poultry grilled or smoked outdoors can also look pink, even when cooked to 165 °F. There may be a pink-colored rim about one-half inch wide around the outside of the cooked meat. The meat of commercially smoked turkeys is usually pink because it is prepared with natural smoke and liquid smoke flavor.

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