Animal Cribs – Animal Planet GO.

Is animal cribs coming back on TV?

Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Animal Cribs. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.

# Name Air Dates
1 Dog Town, USA Mar 1, 2019
2 Chinchilla Chill Pad Mar 8, 2019
3 Backyard Barnyard Mar 15, 2019
4 Cat Build Gone Wild Mar 22, 2019

Is animal cribs still on?

Animal Cribs is back! Today, Animal Planet announced the TV show’s second season will premiere in March.

Is there still an animal planet channel?

Animal Planet rebranded again in October 2018, pivoting away from its more aggressive branding. As of January 2016, approximately 91,603,000 households receive Animal Planet. Discovery has also established or licensed international versions of the channel in various regions.

What is on animal planet today?

Up Next on Animal Planet

  • 9:00AM. Man Vs. Animal. TV-PG.
  • 10:00AM. Curious Kittens. TV-G.
  • 11:00AM. Max Hates My Family. TV-PG. My Cat From Hell.
  • 12:00PM. Crocodiles of the Revolution. TV-G. The Crocodile Hunter.
  • 1:00PM. Heating up a Sun Bear Romance. TV-G. Secret Life of the Zoo.

What is Antonio Ballatore doing now?

Antonio Ballatore is currently the host of Animal Cribs on Animal Planet, and the HGTV star talked to us about a lot of things, including growing up with critters.

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