Common Types of Winter Feeder Birds

  • Dark-eyed Junco. Dark-eyed Juncos are a common bird to see at your feeders during winter and always a welcome sight. …
  • Carolina Wren. First, Carolina Wrens are present in Eastern North America ALL YEAR. …
  • American Tree Sparrow. …
  • Red-breasted Nuthatch. …
  • Purple Finch. …
  • White-throated Sparrow.

Which bird feeder attracts most birds?

Hopper feeders

Hopper feeders are attractive to most feeder birds, including finches, jays, cardinals, buntings, grosbeaks, sparrows, chickadees, and titmice; they’re also squirrel magnets.

What birds fly through feeders?

Quote from video: It accommodates multiple multiple species of birds. So for instance you can see I have a little array of Cardinals here Cardinals love fly through feeders.

How can I identify the birds at my feeder?

To help you gauge how big your feeder bird is, know the basic measurements of your bird feeder and guess its size based on that.

Pay attention to the overall color, but also the colors of different body parts.

  1. What color is its back?
  2. What color is its underside?
  3. What color is its head?
  4. What color are its wings and tail?

What are those little brown birds?

The most common little brown birds at feeders across the United States are these:

  • House Sparrow.
  • Song Sparrow.
  • Fox Sparrow.
  • American Tree Sparrow.
  • White-crowned Sparrow.
  • White-throated Sparrow.
  • Golden-crowned Sparrow.
  • female House Finch.