The animals of Hungary include deer, foxes, hares, and squirrels. Wild boars, wolves, jackals, lynxes, and beavers are also found. Lake Balaton supports a variety of birds. White storks are common.

Does Hungary have bears?

bears come to Hungary regularly from Slovakia. These animals have huge territories, and they can wander 51-80 kilometres at night to search for food or during mating season. They come to Hungary because human activities like woodcutting or hunting disturb them in Slovakia.

What is the national bird of Hungary?

The saker falcon

The saker falcon is the national bird of Hungary.

Are there wolves in Hungary?

Hungary has a stable population of 250 wolves, which are protected, though with some exceptions. No compensation is paid for livestock damage.

Are there moose in Hungary?

The moose is the largest extant species in the deer family.

Still existing scattered isolated populations can be found in the Czech Republic and Germany. Solitary individuals can also be found in Romania, Hungary and in Slovakia.

Are there flamingos in Hungary?

As mentioned, the Pink Flamingo is an extremely rare visitor to Hungary. One juvenile was last seen in 2018 at Lake Fehér in Szeged, southern Hungary, and two others in 2017 at Lake Csaj. The species nests in many areas of southern Europe, although it has special habitat requirements.

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