What could be eating my Swiss chard?

Some, such as blister beetles, love the veggie, as do leaf miner larvae. Lygus bugs and their nymphs feed on the leaves and the buds of flowering plants. Of course, it seems that aphids will eat anything, and Swiss chard is no exception.

Do squirrels eat Swiss chard?

Squirrels eat a variety of vegetables, and gardeners know this all too well. If a squirrels happens upon any leafy green such as lettuce, chard, kale, spinach, or arugula, they will chow down.

Do rodents eat Swiss chard?

Swiss chard (leafy greens) – This is a high oxalate green so should be kept to small amounts once a week. Rats useually enjoy both in raw and cooked form.

Do animals like Swiss chard?

Most animals won’t eat Swiss chard found in the yard. If you find that your chard is being eaten and you don’t have any known herbivores in the area, it may be the work of bugs instead. We’ll cover the popular Swiss chard pests on this page.

Will rabbits eat Swiss chard?

Some leafy greens, such as collard and dandelion greens, parsley, kale, Swiss chard, and escarole, should be fed in limited quantities, as they are high in calcium and may contribute to the development of calcium-based bladder stones if fed in excess.

What is making holes in my chard?

Slugs and Earwigs

Slugs are the most common cause of holes in leaves, but they often remain unseen because they feed at night. Sometimes larger slugs eat leaves from the edge inward, but small slugs make irregular holes inside leaves, as shown in the chard leaf on the right in the above photo.

What vegetables do squirrels not eat?

Squirrel Resistant Plants

Try planting allium, crocus, lily, marigold, hyacinth, daffodil, impatiens, geraniums or columbine if you’ve had a problem with squirrels eating your flowers. Garlic and onions are some of the only veggies squirrels won’t touch.

How do you keep squirrels out of your garden?

11 Human Methods to Keep Squirrels Out of Gardens

  1. Add hot peppers.
  2. Buy mothballs.
  3. Cover the gardens.
  4. Create squirrel-proof bird feeders.
  5. Get a decoy.
  6. Install motion-sensor sprinklers.
  7. Plant squirrel-repelling flowers.
  8. Remove trash.