Is there a part 2 to Snakes on a Plane?

seen the hair-raising trailer…now experience the 2-part comic-book adaptation of the sensational soon-to-be released major motion picture from New Line Cinema Snakes on a Plane, written by Chuck Dixon (NIGHTWING) with art by Gordon Purcell and painted covers by J.G. Jones (52) and Jerome K.

How many Snakes on a Plane are there?

Producer Craig Berenson, who worked for DreamWorks at the time, gave his pitch for this movie based on a script called “Venom”. Four hundred fifty snakes were used, including one twenty-two-foot-long Burmese Python.

Is Snakes on a Plane a real movie?

About two-thirds of the snakes seen throughout the film were either animatronic or CGI. The snakes that were real were mostly the non-venomous ones that are never seen attacking anyone. The scenes where someone is clearly bitten were often done with a mix of animatronic and animation.

Was Snakes on a Plane supposed to be a comedy?

Snakes on a Plane wasn’t originally shot as high drama, either, but director David R. Ellis did have a consistent tone of tongue-in-cheek cheerfulness that he leverages against the title, but it’s never able to become a true horror-comedy because the horror scenes are relatively tame, and why wouldn’t they be?

Is snakes on a plane worth watching?

This is a good-looking film, and Jackson is just so much fun to watch. The other horror films that are out there? This one’s a slither above them all. A movie about snakes on a plane does not need to be straightforward; it only has a shot if it is either genuinely scary or so incredibly over the top it’s funny.

Does Olive Oil Help snake bites?

If none of these animals can be found, pour hot vinegar onto the site of the bite or put a poultice with flour boiled in olive oil to relieve the pain.

Why was Samuel L Jackson in Snakes on a Plane?

After Lu exited the project, Jackson stayed on board because he was excited to be in a film with a title as fun as “Snakes on a Plane.”

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