The liver bird /ˈlaɪvərbɜːrd/ is a mythical creature which is the symbol of the English city of Liverpool. It is normally represented as a cormorant, and appears as such on the city’s arms, in which it bears a branch of laver seaweed in its beak as a further pun on the name “Liverpool”.

Are Liver Birds Extinct?

It’s believed to be one of only three flightless songbirds in the world – but it went extinct after a lighthouse keeper’s cat ate up every last one! The Liver Bird is a symbol of the city of Liverpool.

Where did the liver birds come from?

The tradition of the Liver Bird dates back to 1229, when King Henry III gave his permission for the people of Liverpool to be self-governing, through trade guilds. This necessitated the creation of a unique seal, which was used to authenticate documents. And, you guessed it, this seal featured an image of a bird.

Is the Liver Bird a phoenix?

The Liver Bird is part of Liverpool’s modern, rather than ancient, folklore. William Enfield, Liverpool’s first historian, writing in 1774, speaks of the Liver Bird as existing only in ‘fabulous tradition’. People think of the Liver Bird as they think of the Griffin or the Phoenix.

How many Liver Birds were there?

Find things to do. The Liver Birds that sit atop the Liver Building on the waterfront have become one of Liverpool’s most iconic images. But if you thought the two statues were the only Liver Birds in town, you’d be wrong – there are in fact over a hundred scattered throughout the city centre and beyond.

Where is the 3rd liver bird?

city of Liverpool

A third metal bird is on the nearby Mersey Chambers office building, adjacent to the Church of Our Lady and St Nicholas, the parish church of the city of Liverpool.

Can you go in the liver building?

For the first time in its history, the Royal Liver Building’s doors are unlocked to the public for an immersive experience through its iconic history.

How many Liver birds are on the Liver Building?


The Royal Liver Building is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the city of Liverpool with its two fabled Liver Birds which watch over the city and the sea. Legend has it that if these two birds were to fly away, the city would cease to exist. The Liver Birds are 5.5 metres,18 feet high.

Was the Liver Building Bombed?

Liverpool Cathedral was hit by a high explosive bomb which pierced the roof of the south-east transept before being deflected by an inner brick wall and exploding mid-air, damaging many stained glass windows.

What does the Liver Bird represent?

The Liver Bird has been a symbol of the city for over 800 years. It is thought to have originated in 1207 when King John was granted a Royal Charter to register Liverpool as a borough. He needed a unique seal to differentiate documents and sterling from his territory and chose a bird to feature as part of his crest.

How do you say liver bird?

Quote from video: Liver bird a generic bird that is shown the corporate seal of Liverpool.

What’s inside the Liver Building?

The Royal Liver Building still houses the head office for the Royal Liver Assurance. The building’s centenary was celebrated in 2011, with the internationally acclaimed artist group The Macula commissioned by the Liverpool city council to create a projection mapping event for this occasion.

Why is it called Liverpool?

The name comes from the Old English liver, meaning thick or muddy, and pol, meaning a pool or creek, and is first recorded around 1190 as Liuerpul. According to the Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names, “The original reference was to a pool or tidal creek now filled up into which two streams drained”.

Does the Liver Building clock chime?

But inside the clock towers of the Liver Building, there are no bells. It made no sound at all until 1953 when a chiming mechanism was installed in memory of Royal Liver staff killed during two world wars.

Why do the liver birds face different ways?

Urban legend also has it that the Birds face away from each other as if they were to mate and fly away, the city would cease to exist! Another local tale also tells of the Birds being chained down, as if they were to fly away the River Mersey would burst its banks and flood the city of Liverpool.

What is the liver bird holding in its mouth?

The use of a bird to represent the city dates to the medieval era, but the idea that the “liver bird” is a mythical creature specific to Liverpool evolved in the 20th century. The bird is normally represented in the form of a cormorant holding a frond in its mouth.

Is there a third Liver Bird?

Mersey Chambers,Chapel Street, which has a Liver Bird with a missing wing. Liverpool’s Liver Birds have always been able to hold their own with any of the world’s landmarks.

Are the liver birds made of copper?

The Royal Liver Building, by W. A. Thomas, Edwardian . It only takes a moment’s thought to realise that the birds are very large indeed – apparently 18ft high, and with wing-spans of 24 ft. They are made of copper, hollow on an iron armature to avoid being too heavy while maintaining structural integrity.

What is the oldest building in Liverpool?

the Bluecoat

Almost 300 years old, the Bluecoat boasts being the oldest building in Liverpool city centre.

What is a person from Liverpool called?

People from Liverpool do call themselves Scousers though. If, like me, you come from the blue half of town you don’t refer to yourself as a Liverpudlian (which carries an entirely different connotation). Leo Hickey, Barking, Essex.

What is the oldest house in the UK?

Saltford Manor House

The Saltford Manor is a stone house in Saltford, Somerset, near Bath, that is thought to be the oldest continuously occupied private house in England, and has been designated as a Grade II* listed building. Reference no.