Oyster shell is also known as soluble grit. This is because it dissolves in the hen’s gut and is absorbed by the body and stored for later use in making shells or strengthening bones.

What is the difference between oyster shell and grit?

Grit is insoluble. It stays in the gizzard and it’s used to grind food. Oyster shell dissolves in the gut. Its job is not to do with digestion – it’s to add calcium to the diet of laying hens.

What can I use instead of oyster shell?

6 Alternatives to Oyster Shell for Chickens

  • Cooked, Ground-Up Eggshells. It might sound morbid or gross, but feeding cooked, ground-up eggshells to your chickens is an easy way to use them up and give your flock extra doses of calcium. …
  • High Calcium Feed. …
  • Crushed Limestone. …
  • Table Scraps. …
  • DIY Oyster Shell Feed. …
  • Supplements.

Do I need to give chickens grit?

grit is necessary for the chickens digestive system to run smoothly, but you don’t need to spend money on it! Grit is simply tiny rocks that the chickens use to grind their food up so that it digests easily. You see, chickens don’t have teeth.

What do you give chickens for grit?

It’s best to give birds free access to grit. They’ll take what they need for proper digestion. Feed stores sell insoluble grit for this purpose. NatureWise poultry feed now offers 7-pound bags of both oyster shell and grit, which is enough to last a small flock all year.

Can you mix grit and oyster shell?

If you mix grit in with feed then add a teaspoonful per chicken per week to the scratch. You can put chicken grit and oyster shell in with the pullets food or have it in separate containers, it will make little difference to the chickens, they only eat it if they want to.

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