Cedar is the most commonly known type of wood that is harmful to rabbits. This is one of the types that should be kept away from rabbits completely. It contains high levels of phenols that can be inhaled by rabbits causing liver complications.

Is cedar safe for rabbits to chew?

Wood That Would Harm Him

Types of wood high in phenols and therefore harmful to rabbits include cedar and untreated pine. Some pine chew treats have been kiln-dried to remove the majority of the phenols, but many veterinarians still recommend against them.

What type of wood is safe for rabbit hutch?

Most untreated wood is fine for example pine, for sheets – plywood is fairly commonly used to build outdoor rabbit housing.

Can rabbits have pine or cedar bedding?

D. The use of pine and cedar as litter for house rabbits should be avoided. Other superior litters, such as recycled paper and aspen shavings are available and you should steer potential adopters and those who already have rabbits to these safer alternatives.

What wood can rabbits not have?

Wood from apricot, peach, cherry, avocado and plum trees is toxic to rabbits. While some sources say branches from some of these trees are OK when they’ve been dried for at least a month, they’re generally best avoided.

What to give rabbits to chew on?

Items that are safe for rabbits to chew on:

  • hay!
  • apple, willow, aspen branches.
  • pine firewood.
  • cotton towels.
  • untreated fresh pine lumber attached to cage so it doesn’t move–piece of molding, 1″x2″s, or 2″x4″s.
  • basket with hay in it–let the bun chew the basket as well as the hay.
  • compressed alfalfa cubes.

Can rabbits chew on sticks from outside?

Untreated wood is generally fine for rabbits; however you should never give your bunny sticks or tree branches that you find in the yard. They may contain mold spores, parasites, bacteria or insects that can be toxic. Commercially available sticks made from applewood are safe for rabbits to chew on.