Is Huntsville animal shelter a no-kill shelter?

Large dogs over 40 pounds that are aggressive to cats, other dogs, and people are considered a public safety issue by Huntsville Animal Services, and if they are accepted into the shelter they will be humanely euthanized.

Are there no-kill shelters in Alabama?

Are there no kill shelters in Alabama? Yes, Greater Huntsville Humane Society, Ark Inc Shelter, Humane Society of West Alabama, East Alabama Humane Society, Inc. To learn more, you can visit our our no-kill animal shelters in Alabama guide.

Are no-kill shelters good?

Some shelters save all animals while others euthanize up to 10 percent. Both are considered “no-kill” because the general consensus of no-kill shelters is that 90 percent of animals will be adopted. An advantage of these shelters is that they strive to keep animals alive and provide them a home.