Broadlline controls flea bite hypersensitivity by flea control and will kill newly acquired fleas within 8-24 hrs. It prevents flea eggs from hatching and can be used for the treatment and control of tick infestations, biting lice, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

How long does broadline take to dry?

within 24 hours. One treatment prevents further infestations for at least one month. – Prevention of environmental flea contamination by inhibiting the development of flea immature stages (eggs, larvae and pupae) for over a month.

Does broadline kill flea eggs?

95% of the flea

BROADLINE kills not only the adult fleas on your cat but contains an insect growth regulator to kill eggs and larvae, breaking the flea life cycle at every stage.

How long does broadline for cats last?

A single treatment will protect your cat against fleas and ticks for up to 1 month. It will also treat roundworms, tapeworms and bladderworm.

Is broadline better than frontline?

It has much higher level of Fipronil than frontline and there are other ingredients in there too. It is much more effective than frontline because of this currently (till the end of this week) it is the only flea and tick prescription product on the market.

Is Broadline any good?

Broadline was more than 90% effective in reducing lungworm larvae at 28 days after treatment and all treated cats showing respiratory signs (such as wheezing, persistent coughing and a runny nose) were clinically cured.