Divide the diameter (in feet) by 2 to get the radius. (Radius = ½ Diameter). Then multiply the radius x itself x 3.14 (Pi) then divide by 43,560 (square feet per acre). Then multiply this the average water depth (feet) x 325,851 gallons/acre foot.

How much gallons is my pond?

Quote from video: You need to know how many gallons are in your pond. The formula we're going to discuss today is not used for round ponds we'll go into that in another video. But this woman is pretty basic and simple

How do you calculate volume of water?

Multiply length (L) by width (W) to get area (A). Multiply area by height (H) to get volume (V). Multiply volume by 7.48 gallons per cubic foot to get capacity (C). Find the capacity in gallons of a horizontal circular tank that has a diameter of 8 ft and is 12 ft long.

How do you calculate pond volume in meters?

It’s a simple calculation you just multiply the average length x width x depth to calculate the cubic meters (M3). You then multiply this by 1000 to work out how many litres of water your pond system holds. In the below example we have an average length of 2m with an average width of 1.5m and an average depth of 1.2m.

How big is a 1000 gallon pond?

How big exactly is 1,000 gallons? Well, at three feet deep, a six foot by eight foot pond will yield 1077 gallons. But these are merely the minimum recommended requirements. Also, the more fish you have, the larger your pond should be.