Therefore, Dwarf baby tears requires medium – high lighting for survival and healthy growth. It should be noted that the plant will grow more compact in high light intensity. Lighting duration should be about 10-12 hours daily. 40 – 50 PAR of LED lighting will keep it growing healthily.

Will dwarf baby tears grow without CO2?

A lot of people say it’s difficult or impossible to grow dwarf baby tears without CO2. That’s not true, it’s just slooooooow. For some, it’s unbearably slow. But if you really don’t feel like messing with CO2, it’ll grow.

How do I stop my dwarf babies tears from floating?

Make sure that the roots are planted deep enough into the substrate so that they don’t easily float away. They will do best in a nutrient-rich fine-grained substrate. Apart from high lighting, these plants will need to be regularly supplemented with CO2 and fertilizers.

Do dwarf baby tears need substrate?

Care. Dwarf Baby Tears need a fine-grained substrate rich in nutrients and minerals, especially iron. The plant is sensitive to iron deficiency and will display yellowish leaves if there is not enough iron in the tank.

Are dwarf baby tears easy to grow?

Growing Dwarf Baby Tears on Driftwood and Rock

Driftwood is commonly used with dwarf baby tears, as it can be fairly easy to grow around. Because the clusters of the dwarf baby tears spread out on their own, you would just simply tie the cluster patches around the driftwood, and let it spread around itself.

Can you dry start dwarf baby tears?

Quote from video: This ranking has spaced them out evenly. And plant them and do a dry start and the reason I wanted to do a dry start is because if you look here. The roots are pretty shallow for the dwarf baby tears.