How much does a baby turkey cost?

How much does a live turkey cost? Live turkeys are generally sold as day old poults (freshly hatched chicks). The price will range based on the breed, but generally they cost anywhere from about $3.00 to $20.00 each.

How long does it take to raise a turkey chick?

Most turkey breeds will mature between 14-22 weeks of age, which means you will need to purchase birds early in July to make sure they have enough time to grow. Heritage breeds will take a bit longer, 25-30 weeks, so those birds would need to be purchased in late May or early June.

How much does a full grown turkey cost?

The birds go for upwards of $13 per pound, meaning that a large turkey can cost well over $300. But some say they’re worth it, and there’s a growing hunger for them. “They’re probably the best turkeys in the country, [they] have a deeper flavor.

Where can I sell my turkey in Nigeria?

47 Turkey Buyers & Importers in Nigeria

  • AgroKing De Asher Ltd. …
  • Eli’s Feed. …
  • Kings De Magnifico Enterprises. …
  • Farm Smart. …
  • De Prince Superb International Enterprises. …
  • Libra Ayunmmy LTD. …
  • Wiltafashionz.

How much do live turkeys cost?

They also list the price of heritage breed turkeys at $6.99 per pound. These birds would be smaller, more like 12-14 pounds processed.
$90 to purchase finished turkeys.

Weight Of Processed Turkey Total Cost
20 pounds Broad Breasted Turkey (about 25 pounds live) $90

How hard is it to raise a turkey?

Turkeys are not that hard to raise, but they differ a bit from chickens in terms of what they need, and raising them from poults (baby turkeys) is more time- and energy-intensive than raising chickens from baby chicks.

Do turkeys need a coop?

If you plan to raise your turkeys from poults, then the answer to “Do turkeys need a coop?” is a resounding yes. Once the poults outgrow their brooder, they will need a secure coop at night, just like any other type of poultry.

Can turkeys and chickens live together?

One of the main ways to keep turkeys healthy is too NOT raise chickens and turkeys together. When turkeys and chickens are raised together, turkeys run a high risk of contracting the disease histomoniasis, also known as blackhead.