How much does a perineal urethrostomy cost? It can be a very costly procedure. One example we found was $6,000, with $2,900 spent on the emergency care, leaving a total of $3,100 for the cost of the surgery and hospitalization.

Cats undergo PU (perineal urethrostomy) surgery when they experience urinary blockages that can’t be treated effectively through standard means. Here, our Argyle vets discuss why urinary blockages happen and how PU surgery for cats can be an effective way to stop them from occurring.

How much does a PU surgery cost?

PU surgery cab be expensive and prices will vary depending on the diagnostic tests needed, and the extent of the condition. It typically ranges between $3, 000 – $4, 500 Alternatively, if you compare the cost of surgery to the cost of frequent treatment for blockages, it may actually save you money in the long run. Please contact our Argyle vets to get an estimate for the procedure.

How long do cats live after Pu surgery?

The general prognosis for PU surgery is good. There is a slight risk that cats will form a stone that is too large to fit through even the wider urethra, but generally cats do not reobstruct after the surgery.

How successful is perineal urethrostomy?

Primary success rate for perineal urethrostomy was 83% (33/40 patients) and secondary success rate was 93% (37/40).

How much does cat urinary blockage surgery cost?

The cost of blockage surgery depends upon the pet’s specific situation, but can range from $800 to more than $7,0002, and often includes the exam, surgery, anesthesia, operating room use, hospitalization, medications and checkups.

How long does Pu surgery take?

PU surgery is often performed after your cat is unblocked and already in the hospital. The surgery usually takes about 1-2 hours to complete. The procedure costs can vary, based on the following: Severity of the obstruction.

What are the complications of PU?

Despite the widespread success of PU in accomplishing patent urinary diversion in cats, a number of complications have been reported, including stricture of the urethrostomy, subcutaneous urine leakage in the perineal region, hemorrhage, urinary tract infection and incontinence.

What is the success rate of Pu surgery in cats?

Study Results. After reviewing responses from the 74 cases where cats underwent PU surgery, researchers found: 100% of responding individuals reported at least the same post-surgery quality of life compared with the cat’s quality of life before they had urinary problems.

Does Pu surgery shorten cats life?

The median survival time for all cats was 3·5 years after surgery. Forty-seven cats were still alive at the time of the study. Five cats (5·8%) did not survive the first 14 days after perineal urethrostomy surgery; another six cats (7·0%) did not survive 6 months.