The cost of the operation varies depending on the vet practice that you use. However, the average cost to get a male cat neutered is around £40-£80 and the average cost for neutering a female cat is around £50-£100.

How much is a cat spay UK?

The average cost for neutering a cat depends on where you live and the vet you go to. However, as a rough guide, spaying a female cat ranges from £50 to £100. The average cost for castrating a male cat is around £40 to £80.

What age should female cats be spayed UK?

about four months old

Getting your female cat spayed
When your cat is about four months old, she’ll start to attract the attention of tomcats, who’ll want to mate with her. This is why it’s important to have her spayed before she reaches four months, so she doesn’t get pregnant while she’s still a kitten herself.

How much should my cat be spayed?

Kittens are generally eligible for spaying once they hit 6 weeks of age as long as they weigh enough. Female kittens must weigh a minimum of 2 pounds in order to get fixed. Make sure your cat is the appropriate weight before she undergoes the procedure.

Can you get your cat neutered for free?

If you receive benefits, are on a pension or low income, you can get low-cost, and sometimes even free neutering. This can be in the form of neutering vouchers or at subsidised neutering clinics – details below.

Should you get an indoor cat spayed?

If your cat is kept indoors, neutering is still the best option. Neutering will prevent him from become sexually frustrated and continually trying to escape, and will also save you from the smelly problem of urine-spraying.

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