How much does a tarantula cost?

If they’re a common tarantula, you can find them for as little as $25, but if you’re looking for something specific, they can cost more. This includes special coats or colorings, as well as sex. Female tarantulas typically cost more, get bigger, and live longer. Ultra-rare tarantulas can sell for as much as $150!

Does Petco sell pet tarantulas?

Tarantulas are available for purchase at your local Petco location. Please call ahead to check availability.

What tarantulas do Petco sell?

“We are also proud to share that with this launch, all of Petco’s tarantulas will be captive-bred.
Temperate Tarantulas:

  • Chaco Golden Knee.
  • Costa Rican Stripe-Knee.
  • Haitian Brown.
  • Mexican Curly Hair.
  • Mexican Red Leg.
  • Mexican Red Rump.
  • Oklahoma Brown.
  • Texas Tan.

How much is a beginner tarantula?

$30 to $50

Males will live 5-10 years, while females can live up to 30 years old! They are very hardy spiders that are well-suited to beginners. They are simple to care for, docile and cost $30 to $50.

Are pet tarantulas friendly?

Question: Do tarantulas make good pets? Answer: These spiders can live for up to 25 years and can be domesticated into affectionate pets. Owners say they are generally docile and do well when taken to school and group demonstrations. Generally, tarantulas respond to daily handling.

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