An average of 1.8 attacks/year have occurred in California during the last decade, which is much less than the numerous drownings, bee stings, and lightning strikes that cause fatalities each year.

How many shark attacks happen a year in California?

This is consistent with Florida’s most recent five-year annual average of 25 incidents. In total, unprovoked bites by state were Hawaii (6), South Carolina (4), North Carolina (3), Georgia (2), a single incident in Maryland, and three incidents in California, one of which was fatal.

How many sharks attack in California?

Since 1950, there have been 202 “shark incidents” – when a shark makes any contact with a human or human equipment such as a surfboard – in California, and 179 of those were by white sharks. Of those overall incidents, 15 were fatal, and all involved white sharks.

Has there ever been a shark attack in California?

He was riding a body board in Morro Bay that morning when a great white shark killed him in what is believed to be the first fatal shark attack in San Luis Obispo County in 18 years. Tomas Butterfield, 42, of Sacramento was killed in a shark attack in Morro Bay on Christmas Eve.

What area of California has the most shark attacks?

Solana Beach, California

California ranks second after Florida for the most unprovoked shark bites in the United States. According to the ISAF there have been 124 since 1837, and the highest number (19) took place in San Diego County, the area of the state where Solana Beach sits.

How common are sharks in California?

Shark attacks are extremely rare in California, according to the state. There have been 76 documented shark attacks resulting in injuries since 1950 in California.

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