Does Contra Costa County require dog license?

“A license is your pet’s ticket home”

Dogs over the age of 5 months must be licensed within 30 days of acquisition, or within 30 days after entering Contra Costa County. The above regulations apply to anyone owning, harboring, or possessing any dog over the age of 4 months old in Contra Costa County.

Does California require pet license?

California law requires that all dogs over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies and licensed through the local animal care and control agency.

How much does it cost to get a dog licensed in California?

License Fees

License Fees: 1 Year 3 Year
Unaltered Dog* $100 $250
Spayed/Neutered Dog ** $16 $35
Senior (60+) *** $10 $20
Potentially Dangerous/Vicious Dogs $125

What happens if you don’t license your dog in California?

Those who fail to obtain a renewal within 30 days will receive a second notice. After that, failure to comply will result in a “correctable” $300 citation, which can be waived if a license is obtained within 30 days. If not, the citation will be permanent. Further citations will cost scofflaw pet owners $500.

Does altered mean neutered?

When someone says an animal is “fixed” or “altered” that means the animal has been spayed or neutered.

How do I report animal abuse in Contra Costa County?

Call our general information line at 925-608-8400 to report suspected abuse or neglect of an animal.

How many dogs can you own in California?

How Many Dogs or Cats can I have on my Residential Property? In most residential zoning districts you can have dogs and cats as domestic pets only. The number allowed is limited to three (3) or fewer animals four (4) months of age or older.

Do you have to register your dog?

Dogs must wear a registration tag at all times. If you lose the tag, you can ask for a replacement.

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