In 2020, there were approximately 518.3 million chickens in the United States.

Leading 10 U.S. states based on number of chickens in 2021 (in 1,000 heads)*

Characteristic Number in thousand heads
Ohio 45,830
Indiana 45,601
Pennsylvania 37,258

How many chickens are raised in Ohio?

In Ohio, there are more than 30 million laying hens and 10 million pullets (hens less than 1 year old), making Ohio the state with the second highest egg production in the country.

How many chickens can you own in Ohio?

Up to 20 chickens or other small fowl, not including roosters. Up to 20 rabbits or other small animals. It outlines the parameters as units of small livestock, maintaining that all animals be kept in a “comfortable and sanitary manner” and kept more than 10 feet from neighboring property lines.

Is it legal to own chickens in Ohio?

No, according to a recent decision by Ohio’s Eighth District Court of Appeals. Nor does a city ordinance that prohibits the keeping of such animals violate the federal or state constitutions.

What state produces the most chicken eggs?


In 2019, Iowa, the top egg-producing state, produced more than 17.1 billion eggs and was home to more than 58 million laying hens, while Ohio produced 10.7 billion eggs and had 36 million laying hens. The vast majority (87 percent) of eggs produced in the United States are unfertilized table eggs.

What are the top 5 chicken producing states?

The top 5 broiler producing states are: Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi.

What is Ohio known for producing?

Ohio’s main cash crops are soybeans and corn. Also important are wheat, oats, hay, fruit, feed, vegetables, livestock, poultry, and dairy products. Tobacco is grown in the Tuscarawas, Muskingum, and Ohio river valleys in the southeastern part of the state.

Are chickens considered livestock in Ohio?

(B) “Livestock” means any animal generally used for food or in the production of food, including cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry, swine, and any other animal included by the director by rules adopted under section 901.72 of the Revised Code, alpacas, and llamas.

Is it legal to own a rooster in Ohio?

Cities in Ohio that Allow the Keeping of Chickens

Chardon – No limit on numbers. Cincinnati – No limit on numbers. Cleveland – One per 800 sq ft, roosters allowed. Columbus – No limit on numbers.