Perfect Gift for your child. Each Lest dragon egg comes with detailed instructions for use. Just put the egg in a Bowl of water(Water temperature below 36 degrees) and watch it hatch out of its egg and grow! Takes 12-24 hours for the dino to break thru the shell.

How long does it take for a dinosaur egg to hatch toy?

Hatch and grow your own pet dinosaur! Submerge the egg in water and it will hatch in approximately 72 hours. Remove all the remaining shell and watch as the dinosaur grows up to 16cm. Each egg contains a surprise design making this an exciting project for young dinosaur fans.

How do you hatch a dinosaur egg toy?

Quote from video: Complete with full instructions for use all you need is water to get you started simply place the egg in a container fill with water and wait for it to hatch.

How do hatching egg toys work?

How do the hatching egg toys work? Simply place the egg into a bowl and fully cover the egg with water. You may have to hold the egg under the water until all of the trapped air bubbles pop out! Ensure the water is below 35°C – cold water straight out of the tap is perfect!

How long does it take for a dinosaur egg to hatch in Ark?

Incubation time varies by dinosaur, usually depending on the size on the animal you’re trying to hatch. For example, a Dodo only takes 50 minutes to incubate, but a Brontosaurus can take up to 5 hours. Once your egg has hatched the real work begins.

How long do unicorn eggs take to hatch?

Within 12-24 hours the egg shell will break and the unicorn will begin to hatch.

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Product Dimensions 6.46 x 4.37 x 4.29 inches
Manufacturer Master Toys & Novelties

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